Wilk4 Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are small bits of Javascript that can be put into links and on your browser's links bar to perform useful actions for surfing, webdesign, etc. There are many incredibly useful bookmarklets at the sites listed below:

I have started working on a few of my own. They aren't completely debugged yet, but I'm working on them. If they're useful to you, go ahead and grab a copy by dragging the link to your browser's links bar.

Some search bookmarklets

Search bookmarkets can be made pretty easily for sites with search forms by either customizing something like the Google Browser Buttons or by using the Bookmarklets: Make Search Bookmarklet. (more info here)

Feel free to use or modify these. Since I merely modified other code for new searches, they certainly aren't copyrighted to me or anything. FWIW, AddAll support knows about these and they like them.

Other Bookmarklet Sites