Asp4Hs: ASP/PHP/.Net/etc Development Extensions for HomeSite

Do you use the HomeSite Editor to do ASP, PHP or ASP.Net?
  Are you a HomeSite user and just getting into ASP, PHP or ASP.Net work?
    If so, this site is for you...

HomeSite Most hype aside, the HomeSite editor is a great tool for web development in HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP), .Net, PHP, XML, XSL, XSLT, SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Tridion CMS, and other languages. It's probably the most popular code-based editor for any sort of web page and scripting web technologies are no exception.

HomeSite version 5.5 It can, however, use some help. Luckily it was designed from the start with user extension and customizability as a priority and many users have come up with their own add-on's to make HS a better tool.

So, Asp4Hs is here to provide help and to list the various extensions for HomeSite for ASP, .Net, PHP, XML, XSLT, or whatever language or technology or CMS you are using it for... I'm also hoping to encourage you all to communicate more with each other and to share those add-on's and ideas we've all come up with to make our coding easier... -- Jeff Wilkinson

Here's the bigger news for HomeSite users...
but don't forget the complete, everyday details of additions and updates at What's New.

July/09: updates:
- Adobe announces decision - HomeSite development ended effective May 26, 2009

- And here's a note from Nick Bradbury, the original creator of Homesite, about the discontinuation announcement.

- FYI, I plan to keep this site (ASP4HS/PHP4HS) up for the foreseeable future, since it's obvious that HomeSite users haven't stopped using it yet, and probably won't just because Adobe posts a press release abandoning it. ;-)

Remember: The fundamental idea of Asp4Hs is to Exchange help and HS add-on's. So please think about whether you have anything, even requests or ideas, that might help others... and send 'em in...

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