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Based upon user requests, I've been adding PHP/HomeSite resources and add-on's to the larger Asp4Hs site. I have relatively little experience with PHP so far so I'll mostly rely on user submissions for now to build the list, but it should still be useful.

So, could you PHP developers pass me some notes telling me of any PHP-specific HomeSite add-on's you know of or have written? This can certainly include general scripts, vtml dialogs or add-on's that are not-specifically PHP, but are useful to PHP'ers. See the submissions page for further info. I've also added some PHP-specific requests to the Top Priority Enhancement Requests list.

Note that if you have webserver software (and PHP) installed on your development machine, you can set up server mappings to have PHP process the pages before they are displayed in the internal browser just as you would for ASP and PWS/IIS.

Name Description Author Requires Link Updated
Add-In Help # 
If you are interested in writing a help set or converting docs over for HomeSite's help, see FAQ: Writing or Converting Help Sets for HomeSite Use.
PHP Manuals in CHM format (.chm) The official PHP manuals are offered in compiled html (.chm, aka Microsoft HTML Help) format which is installable for use with HomeSite, using a toolbar button to launch it. These are the official releases. They are kept up to date with the current current PHP docs. - - # 11/02
PHP Manual for HomeSite

(Alt Download)
This doc set includes the PHP4 Reference Manual, version January 19, 2002. It has been massaged to make it work under HomeSite's help.

This manual set was converted from the current PHP(4) manual XML to html, then the files were rearranged into subdirectories to ease use. It is searchable.

Note that more downloadable versions are available here, but they have not been rearranged into subdirectories as this version has.

This is a 4.0 MB file. Since this is so large, David and I encourage anyone to distribute from their sites, if they wish (to save us the bandwidth :) Email me the url if you do and I'll add a link here.

David Fischer
- # 1/28/02
PHP Context Sensitive Help in HomeSite Add the contents of the included file to the end of the "Homesite 5\Help\htmlspec file list.idx" file to make it possible to use the context sensitive help with the PHP manual for HomeSite (above). Presto F1 works for PHP keywords! Instructions included. Note: the PHP manual may need to be installed in the same directory as the .idx file. Richard Davies HS, php manual for hs # 7/2/02
MySQL Database Manual This doc set includes the MySQL Reference Manual. It has been massaged to make it work under HomeSite's help.

This manual set was converted from the current MySQL Reference manual for version 4.0.0-alpha. See for more information about the MySQL database

David Fischer
- # 1/28/02

HTML Specs
Here are the W3C Standard/Specification docs that you can install as help sets. XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01 (zip), HTML 3.2, CSS-1, CSS-2, DOM, XML, XSLT, WAI (accessibility). More current recommendations are listed here. W3C - # periodic
Quick References
& Tutorials
DevGuru has a number of very useful free tutorials and quick references dealing with a wide variety of topics of interest to developers. They have clear, precise explanations and useful, understandable examples of code. They are available both online and in downloadable forms that can be used as integrated help add-on's to HomeSite's Help. The DevGuru - # periodic
Help Support Scripts # 
PHP Online Help
(php function lookup)
This script looks for a valid PHP function name at the current cursor position, then attempts to get the documentation for the function and displays it. Similar to the other quick PHP function lookups but with a number of advantages. Basically, it works exactly like the Tag Help function in Homesite. See the script header for more details. DrTebi HS 4+
# 7/2/04
PHP Function Lookup Bookmarklet
(quick lookup using your browser)

PHP Function Lookup
(new window version)
Here are several versions of a JavaScript bookmarklet bit that people can use on any JavaScript-enabled browser to quickly access the PHP online function quick reference: (more instructions here) Make a bookmark from this link, click it for a prompt to enter a function for the lookup. Another user notes that "you can upgrade this bookmark by choosing the language of the display: You just have to modify the location.href by "?lang=MM&pattern='+escape(q)" where MM is your language (en for english, fr for french, de for german ...)" various javascript
-enabled browser
# 7/2/02
PHP Function Lookup Toolbar Button
Allows you to add the PHP Function Lookup Bookmarklet and/or a link to the online documentation at, right to a toolbar in HomeSite. The PHP Function Lookup toolbar button fires up IE with a prompt to enter a function for the lookup right from within Home Site or ColdFusion Studio. Cozmo
-enabled browser
# 11/21/02
PHP Search Function Lets you search the PHP manual for an highlighted function within HomeSite. Thomas Andersen
HS # 12/28/03
Custom Dialogs / Tag Editors (VTM) # 
Currently there are only a few PHP-specific custom dialogs (that I know of). Check here for some ASP and normal HTML or javascript custom dialogs to give you ideas of what to create for PHP.
PHP/MySQL Database Functions Dialog A custom dialog to help you generate PHP code to do various database access functions including: functions used to connect to a MySQL database, break up a query result into pages, colour rows of a table in a query result, convert MYSQL datetime data type into a readable format, and limit the number of characters of a string sent to the browser. Ken Tuck
HS4+ # 3/30/04
PHP/MySQL Session Wizard A custom dialog to build a template file for establishing a php session. Also included are tabs that provide a link to a page to destroy the session and create a javascript function that prompts the user to chose whether they want the session destroyed or not. This is a great tool for password protecting files from unauthorized access. Ken Tuck
HS4+ # 3/30/04
PHP/MySQL Query Builder Dialog A custom dialog to help you generate PHP code to build a MySQL query template with a collection of MySQL functions to choose from. There is the ability to add a debugging line, print number of rows, create a while loop and a straight up extraction of the query result. Ken Tuck
HS4+ # 3/30/04
PHP or Javascript Browser CSS Redirector Dialog A custom dialog that provides you with two methods of providing a stylesheet targeted to a specific browser. The default is set to use the PHP script with Javascript as an option. Ken Tuck
HS4+ # 3/30/04
PHP Image Gallery Dialog A custom dialog to help you generate PHP code for an image gallery that "enables developers to easily upload images to a web server via a browser and resize those images to any width they wish. The file uploader will also allow other file types and comes in 6 languages!" Ken Tuck
HS4+ # 3/30/04
ExpressionBuilder / Function Insight Extensions # 
PHP 4 function insight and context sensitive help This will enable function insight and context sensitive help for PHP 4 functions and make them available in the Expression Builder. In order for this to work you will also need to download the PHP manual. Refer to the included installation instructions for more details.
For those that don't know:
- Function insight displays a list of a function's parameters while you're typing the function.
- Context sensitive help displays a function's documentation if you hit the F1 key while the cursor is on the function's name.
Sean Callan HS4+ # 10/21/04
Expression Builder for PHP Extend the Expression Builder (EB) and Function Insight to support PHP with this addition to the EB definition file. This is a first-class EB package enabling access to PHP functions, operators, constants, format strings and other general language constructs. Once installed, all of its PHP functions become available via Function Insight. (See also Stan Zilberleyb's ASPExpr builder script) Marjolein Katsma
HS 4.01+ # 9/1/99

This script displays the help file/description for functions defined in the ExpressionElements.vtm file. The script supports the default EE file (CF functions), Marjolein's EE for PHP and Brent Bains excellent EE for ASP/VBscript.

New in functionHelp2: supports partial match ie; if the selected word is resp, it will find all functions starting with resp. Sorry but this version doesn't support PHP. The ExpressionElements.vtm for PHP uses the DESCRIPTION field, not the HELPFILE field. If you're coding PHP, use version 1.1.

Per Søderlind
HS 4.5 or CF Studio 4.5 # 12/6/00
v 1.1b
v 2
ActiveScripts / WSH Scripts    (see also WSH Scripts) # 
I've listed the HomeSite WSH scripts here that I thought were useful to PHP developers, but there are many more available at Asp4Hs: WSH Scripts. Look there or at WSH resource links to find other useful scripts, examples and docs to help you write your own scripts. To install scripts, see KB Article 13410.
HTML to PHP converters # 
PhpPrintText Converts selected HTML to PHP print code statements, escaping characters in the line as necessary. This is very useful if you have HTML code you want to simply paste into a PHP page to be written by the server. Highly recommended.

Carl writes: "I use the "Here doc" format of print for more than 3 lines. I felt this is more useful and is not used by enough experienced developers when embedding HTML. If you prefer the escaped character format then use the other version I include."
(this is a PHP version of the AddRespWrite2 script)
Carl Mc Dade
HS 4+ # 6/3/04
Function Browsers, etc # 
Script Explorer

This function browser is similar to Procedure Explorer, but with additional features. It gives you a quick way to look at all the functions in all your open files, jump to one, insert function calls, or add a comment block to the top of your file to enumerate all the functions in that file. You can keep your include files open and have easy access to all common code. Useful for client-side and server-side j[ava]script or vbscript. (now has vbscript "Sub" support)
Note: Using this patch, by André Langhorst, ScriptExplorer works great for PHP too. (copy here)
Nate Weiss

Was called JavaScript Function Browser
HS 4+ # 2/17/00
Include Support # 
IncludeBrowse3 This script will replace any include commands (<!--#include virtual="" --> or <!--#include file="" -->) with the contents of the included file, letting you debug or browse with the included content in. Christopher Bradford HS 4+, WSH # 11/10/98
See also Edit linked file and the HomeSite v5+ function Edit Include. See an article describing this function at "Editing Referenced Files in HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio".
Comment and Documentation Aids # 
cis_header This script will insert commented header information into the top of current file with the filename, username, and dates already filled in. The header will be commented out in a manner appropriate to the file type being edited. Subsequent calls to this script will update the "Last Updated" field and the "Last modified by" field, without modifying anything else. Currently supported: cfm, asp, asa, js, vbs, htm, bas, css, html, shtml, stm, pl, php3 Joel Mueller HS 4+, WSH # 11/22/99
Comment Block Tool This is a custom add-in that allow the user to insert code documentation at the top of all code templates in an easy standard format. This tool pops up a set of dialog boxes that request information from the user and then generates a document header. This tool is a must have for any consultant that needs to document all code in a standard format. Defaults to CF-style comments, but can be easily modified using the included directions for comment styles for other languages (HTML, ASP, PHP or JSP/Java, etc). Jon Cole HS 4+, WSH # 5/4/01
CVS Header Script This script, based on cis_header will insert a 'standard' CVS file header into the top of current file. It is designed specifically for use with PHP scripting, and has been tested in those documents only. It is also written to support standard comment markers for the following file types (by extension): htm, css, xml, and js. Note, that it is "very" easy to alter the begining and ending comment markers, or to add support for other extensions. Robert J Sherman HS 4+, WSH # 10/18/02

Function and Inline Commenting
This package allows VBScript (other languages work as well with a little tinkering) comments to be placed through the currently opened source file. These comments are well laid out and allow developers to quickly insert Function and Inline comments.

This package also illustrates good use of scripts to install other scripts.

Mythran HS 4+ # 9/20/02
Comment and UnComment Code This package includes two scripts -- one to comment code, the other to uncomment code. Each works with a selection, and prepends/strips comment characters at the beginning of each line. Code indentation is preserved. This greatly speeds development and debugging by allowing whole blocks of code to be rapidly commented and uncommented - with a keystroke or from the toolbar. Both scripts work by attempting to guess what comment characters (language) is required from the file extension. Sam Foster
HS 4+ # 2/9/01
C-style Comment/Uncomment This script comments the current selection, or uncomments it if it already is commented with the long C-Style comment for PHP (or C, C++, Javascript, JScript etc.) Notable particularly because you can uncomment by just placing your cursor anywhere within a /*   */ comment pair and it will find the nearest comment start and end to remove. DrTebi HS 4+ # 5/24/04
Upload and File Transfer Help # 
An Improved FTP Upload Script A script to speed up HomeSite's ftp update process by storing dates in a file for quicker comparison. "One of the major bugbears of HomeSite is that using the iterative file deployment scripts takes almost forever. This script changes all that by attempting to post only the most recent updates rather than a brute force FTP upload. What used to take fifteen to twenty minutes for the script to check and upload a large project now only takes a matter of seconds." Malcolm Smith
HS 4+? # 5/21/02
Save2Server With one click, you can upload the active file in HomeSite to the deployment location defined in the properties for its project folder. It's as easy as clicking the "Save" button while working on a web page. Written because there doesn't appear to be a way to deploy an individual file in HomeSite. This script is VERY useful when you don't have a local web server and you are forced to test your web pages remotely. Brian Bellack
HS 4+ # 11/9/01
Miscellaneous Editing Aids # 
AutoComplete Script This script is supposed to mimic the autocomplete functions like those on the unix command line, where you hit tab and it fills in characters that match existing filenames. Except this can be used mostly for variable names. It works by reading in the whole document, and searching for words that match the part of a word you have typed. Tie it to a keyboard shortcut for easy use. Earle Castledine
HS 4+ # 2/20/04
Autocomplete script SC This script will attempt to autocomplete the word before the current cursor position (or before the current selection if text is selected) based on the words in the file being edited and/or a special word list. Initially it's only specially set up for PHP files. For more information about how the script works and possible ways to customize it please see the comments at the beginning of the AutoCompleteSC.js file. Sean Callan HS 4+ # 9/7/2005
Expand Vars This script does an expand or autocompletion no PHP style variables, finding a match from other vars in the file, offering a picklist for multiple matches or a warning if no match is found. DrTebi HS 4+
# 1/13/05
HS Template Tool This powerful and flexible script will insert the contents of template files, including variables, and will allow for semi-automatic updating of date and time. Christopher Bradford HS 4+, WSH # 10/31/98
Match Braces This VTOM script will match curly braces and other brackets ({[< or >]}), helping you make sure your scripting logic is correct. Christopher Bradford HS 4+, WSH # 3/10/00
Open File This script allows you to edit the file a link points to. Clicking on the script when your cursor is within a support tag opens the linked file in HomeSite or the associated editor.

This version is more powerful and flexible than "Edit linked file" since it gets around the specifics of particular linking or include syntax by opening any relatively-linked file whose path and filename is within quotes.

This also handles #name in urls and attempts to navigate to the line containing the corresponding <a name="name">. It can call an external app based on a table of filename extensions.

Please note: works only for relative links. See also "Editing Referenced Files in HomeSite and ColdFusion Studio"
Brian Dines
HS 4+ # 3/30/05
Regular Expressions Tester This script and RegExTools dll will allow you to test your regular expressions (regex) for a given text from within Homesite. Now with install scripts and instructions added by Yuri. Corey Haines
Yuri Weseman
HS 4+ # 8/15/05
(scriptX version)
Converts spaces to tabs (for those who dislike the use of spaces for indenting tags) Joel Mueller HS 4+, WSH # 9/12/98
SelectScripts A set of quick scripts that act on selected text. SelUrlFormat.js, SelName.js, SelMailto.js Jeff Wilkinson HS 4+ # 3/8/00
ToggleMappings This script toggles server mapping on and off, without touching the mappings themselves. It's the equivalent of opening the Settings dialog to the Browse page and toggling the "Enable server mappings" checkbox. If you then create a custom toolbar button that runs this script, you will be just a click away from quickly switching between using http mappings and local paths. John Finlayson-Fife HS 4+ # 5/17/00
Syntax Coloring Parsers    (See also Asp4Hs: Syntax Coloring Parsers) # 
Note that HomeSite v4.5.x comes with excellent PHP3 syntax coloring.
HomeSite v5.x comes with both PHP3 and PHP4 syntax coloring.
HomeSite Syntax Coloring Parser Script sources Macromedia has made the source scripts for all the syntax coloring parsers that come with HomeSite available for download. Now HomeSite users can tweak or improve the syntax coloring that comes with HomeSite without having to write their own from scratch. You can also build your own parsers for additional languages with these as starting points. (Previously only the compiled files were available for the HS parsers, not the source scripts) These are from HomeSite v5.2. Here is the usage license/EULA. Macromedia HS5+ # 2/20/03
PHP5 parser Added support for new PHP5 functions, statements like try, catch, throw, public, private, const, final, etc.. and objects like Exception, DomDocument, etc. Built starting from Sean Callan's php_4b parser. Jeremy Swinborne HS 5+ # 8/6/04
PHP 4b
updated PHP4 parser
a modified MM PHP4 parser that has:
- updated recognized functions for PHP 4.3
- added recognition of variables and escape sequences ("\n", "\t", etc.) in strings.
- the coloring of HTML attibutes is enabled.
- Disabled highlighting of HTML attributes because a bug in HomeSite causes errors when HTML attribute highlighting is enabled and more than one PHP block is included in a single HTML tag attribute.
Discussed in this thread.
Sean Callan HS 4.5+ # 10/21/2004
PHP4 plus html attributes a slightly modified PHP4 parser that has the coloring of HTML attibutes enabled. Discussed in this thread. The only change from Macromedia's PHP is to uncomment the line:
Christian Swoboda HS 4.5+ # 5/19/04
Smarty Parser A syntax coloring parser for Smarty, a template engine for PHP Gabor Hojtsy HS 4.5+ # 4/28/01
A number of syntax parsers for HomeSite or other TSyntaxMemo apps. (Perl, CSS, JSP, PHP, XML, ASP, Vbscript etc) (in development) There is also a parser test tool available here.
Note: HS/CFS 4.5+ has a PHP syntax parser, but you might consider Weyert's if you are still using HS 4.0x.
Weyert de Boer
HS 4+ # (older)
Toolbars     (See also Asp4Hs: Toolbars and DevEx: HomeSite: Toolbars) # 
PHP Toolbar A toolbar with various useful code bits and custom dialogs for PHP editing. Now with 8 Dialog Boxes, 21 Snazzy Buttons, 2 separate toolbars. Matt Zur
HS 5+ # 8/31/02
PHP Toolbar A toolbar with various useful code bits and custom dialogs for PHP editing. Milo Maneo
HS 5+ # 6/11/02
MySQL Tools Toolbar HS Toolbar for MySQL Tools, Toolbar includes: MySQL Booksonline, MySQL Explorer, MySQL Query, MySQL Service Manager, WinMySQL Admin. MySQL Tools must be installed. Robert J Sherman HS3+, MySQL Tools # 10/30/02
See the PHP Function Lookup Toolbar Button above.
Miscellaneous Tools and Add-on's # 
For database work, see also the DB Schema Viewer.

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