Research on Henry F. Kaiser (1835-1906) for Kaiser Family Tree

Henry and Mary Kaiser and their children
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Here are some of my notes and links gathered in researching my Great-Great Grandfather, Henry F. Kaiser (1835 - 1906).

Currently we have some interesting information on him, but none on who his parents were, so he is the dead-end in tracing our Kaiser line. Any further information would definitely be appreciated.

Details and Leads (confirmed and unconfirmed)

What do we know about Henry's Parents and Siblings?

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Possible Hits

Details from the Pension Application Testimony

Supporting Documents

Here are a few scans of documents, obituaries, etc., as well as links to information that is definitely about my family. They give some interesting additional information. If you have more related docs - particularly obituaries, please send me a scan, text/doc/html file or link.

Online Resources for this Research